About us



Mission –

we create furniture

that makes you happier!

How does it all happen?
Designers convert your ideas and style into sketches and drawings, according to which our craftsmen create the unique space of your dreams step by step.




We rely on the experience of the past generations of the Gorn family, and remain committed to family values. Perfect quality is the most important thing for us in all that we do. Nowadays, when the pace of life is high, we offer you a safe haven of comfort and peace.





We have come a long way from traditional manual production to innovative technologies. It all began more than half a century ago, when the founder of the GORN manufactory – Ferdinand Gorn began to explore the world of high furniture arts through the crafts of carpenter and woodworker. We have photographed and presented on this website the miraculously preserved antique tools of Ferdinand Gorn. It was Ferdinand Gorn who was able to kindle interest of his son Rudolph in the joy of creativity and striving for ideals.




In the post-perestroika period Rudolph Gorn, together with partners from Germany, started one of the first manufactories of exclusive furniture in Latvia. Only the Germans and Scandinavians were able to truly appreciate such high-quality furniture at that time. GORN furniture manufactory became a long-lasting family tradition.





The ten-year experience of the grandfather and father Eduard Gorn turned it into a modern and high-tech manufactory. The production basis of the manufactory brings together the most innovative technologies and high-class carpenters and cabinet-makers. Perfect accuracy of dimensions and shapes of large furniture parts is ensured by high-precision processing machines, and the finishing and assembly is performed in a traditional way – only by hand. The flight of creative thought and painstaking work of the professionals step by step transform the best materials into things people take pride in; people with taste and possibilities to implement their dreams.